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10 yearsFocus on the research and development of battery safety test equipment
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Founded in 2011, Bairui Automation is a company that focuses on the development and manufacture of battery and material testing equipment, such as diaphragm closed cell rupture tester, diaphragm powder resistance compaction density tester, heavy object impact tester and other test equipment At the top level in the world, it is the first domestic manufacturer to pass the third-party explosion test as a design basis in terms of temperature and humidity environmental test chambers, which is especially suitable for environmental testing of power batteries.

10 years of focus on battery safety test equipment research and development
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Years of experience in non-standard automation equipment, with original development and design capabilities

Artbri Technology Limited
Artbri Technology Limited

Founded in 2011, it was renamed Artbri Technology Limited in 2016. The team began to engage in the development and research of lithium battery equipment and technology in 2000, and has original mechanical design and machining capabilities. The main engineer has nearly 20 years of experience in equipment design, manufacturing and operation, and has received professional technical training in automation equipment manufacturing in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, and has a deep understanding of lithium battery products and processes...

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  • success case

    Developed and manufactured temperature-controlled power battery short-circuit monitoring testing machine, temperature-controlled overcharge and over-discharge monitoring testing machine, temperature-controlled power battery acupuncture monitoring testing machine under -40℃~200℃ environment for an aerospace military project

  • success case

    The National Power Battery Technology Innovation Center has developed a high-speed collection of power battery short-circuit testing machines and a 50-ton electric servo squeeze acupuncture testing machine for power batteries.

  • success case

    Developed automatic inkjet reading code cleaning packaging machine for a top international mobile phone brand

  • success case

    Developed BMW automotive sensor assembly line

  • success case

    Developed an AI human-machine interface voice interface production line for a top international brand

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The definition of non-standard automation equipment is user-customized, user-only, and non-market-circulated automation system integration equipment. It is assembled using unit equipment manufactured in accordance with the unified industry standar......
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